Whatever floats
your oat

Gone are the days that oat milk was just for your alternative sandal-wearing aunt or your radical vegan colleague. Modern oat tastes just as good as the real stuff, but comes with a whole list of added bonuses. Lactose intolerant? Oat milk! Struggling with soy? Oat milk! Looking for an animal-friendly alternative? Oat milk! Worrying about the environmental impact of almond milk? Oaaaaaat! Add some flavour to your coffee, without the allergens, without the worries.

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For an oat-thentic experience

Our Oat is not just free of lactose and completely vegan, but due to the way it is prepared, also much more environmentally friendly than other milk alternatives. Our oat milk uses traditionally harvest oats handled with love and care. And it just tastes so good!

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