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As a true epicurean, you sometimes have to dare to make different choices. And you do that by adding something every day. We believe that challenge is something to be embraced, and therefore want to do special stuff every day. Milk in your coffee? Boring! Give your drink a Quist with your own flavor. Feeling green? We have Irish Cream. Sweet tooth? Sweet Caramel. Vegan on the go? Easy oatmilk. We got your back.


Modern living is conscious living. You are headstrong and know what you want, today and tomorrow. You don’t buy milk cups and have been choosing oat milk for a long time. But… you don’t really want to carry a whole carton of milk all day, right? We think so! We’ve developed single-serve plant-based milk that’s convenient everywhere. On the road. In the car. In the tent. During a festival. You name it. We’re always with you, without you having to worry about running out. Just pull us out of your bag and we’ll take care of your taste, hassle-free. Milk cartons can stay at home. We’re always with you.


We say no microplastics in the stomachs of fish and birds, to plastic soup, to beaches filled with artificial material… and most importantly, no to those coffee milk cups. Our mission? Less plastic! Our packaging is made of recyclable cardboard. And: we produce 50% less CO2, use 50% less energy and 70% less water.  We say: less waste, less plastic. And what about the sticks? They are plastic but not from non-renewable sources and with a positive impact on the environment. For every stick you use instead of a cup you are saving 2 grams of CO2… Well, that’s not much I can hear you think… but ask yourself this; if you can make a difference would you? And to date we have saved 20 MT of CO2 which is the same as 800 trees (25 kg CO2 per year) for example… so are you joining the Quist movement?


Everyone has coffee creamer, somewhere. You know, those cups somewhere in the back of the fridge at work, a bottle that’s been sitting in the sidebar for months… what a waste! We want an enthusiastic twist: take life with a flavour! We believe in daring. In guts. In individuality. So: this is your oat, your almond, your salted caramel. And it should really be yours. Who wants to live in a world where everyone drinks the same thing! Just like you choose what clothes to wear in the morning, what you taste is an expression of your personality. We offer you all the freedom to be yourself.

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